Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability in the 1930s

Paronella Park's founder, José Paronella, was ahead of his time in many aspects of his work and his life.

Amazingly, he was Queensland's first eco tourism operator!  The best examples of this are his work with hydro electricity, his tree planting , and his use of gravity to feed his water fountains.

Hydro Electricity:
By far the single most important sustainability project was Paronella Park's Hydro Electric Plant. We have compiled a lot of information about the history and restoration on a dedicated website HERE.

Gravity Fed Fountains:
José felt that the use of gravity would be less taxing on his limited electricity, and, would avoid the use of a loud pump system.

Today, with the environment such a key issue, many of these "eco friendly" elements of José's Park are becoming more and more relevant and important.

  • Reestablishment of hydro system
  • Solar hot water in van park
  • Aqua Nova waste treatment systems
  • Gravity fed fountains reconnected
  • Recycling of waste products

7500 trees:
Another key feature of Paronella Park are the more than 7500 assorted trees and plants that the Paronella family planted.

It's a combination of these trees and plants, and nature having taken it's course over a period of 70 years that has created what we have today - a remarkable and unique rainforest garden.

Paronella Park receives around 5 metres of rain each year.  This, along with rich and fertile soil creates favourable growing conditions for an enormous range of trees, ferns, palms and plants.

Every guest receives a Botanical Guide to the park.

Riparian Environment Project

Paronella Park maintains a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.  One of the key parts of our environmental sustainability strategy is the implementation of a riparian environment project (ensuring appropriate natives are growing along the river bank to reduce erosion). 

A specialist arborist works full time at Paronella Park and oversees this project along with a general rainforest rehabilitation program.

Aqua Nova

The wastewater at Paronella Park is efficiently processed in an environmentally friendly recycling process. This leaves us with clean usable recycled water which keeps our lawn green all year round!

Recycling at Paronella Park

Here at Paronella Park, we sort our rubbish! Plastic, cardboard and softdrink cans are all collected and recycled.

We believe strongly in re-using, our Botanical Guide booklet is often used and returned for the next interested guest.


Paronella Park has selected a printing company which follows ISO 14001 standards, which gives the requirements for environmental management systems and confirms its global relevance for organizations wishing to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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